Bisphenol A Type Resin E51

Model: E51

Feature With high epoxy value, low viscosity and light color, the prepared coating has bright color, good stripping resistance and convenient construction. The prepared castable has good processability, good fluidity, high mechanical strength, good insulation performance, small shrinkage rate and low water absorption. Application Field Solvent-free coatings, self-leveling coatings, electrical pouring, potting materials, sealing materials, […]

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Model E51
Epoxy Equivalent (g/eq) 184-200
Hydrolyzed Chlorine(%) ≤0.5
Inorganic Chlorine (ppm) ≤50
Viscosity (mPa.s/25℃) 10000-15000
Softening Point(℃) -
Chroma(Gardner) ≤1
State Of Matter Liquid