FYZ-1 High Temperature Zinc Oxide Desulfurizer


High precision, long service life (high sulfur capacity), adjustable bulk density, at the same time for carbonyl sulfide, small molecule mercaptans, etc. Organic sulfur has the function of transformation and absorption.

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Element Zinc oxide as The main active ingredient and added special additives.
Exterior Off-white or light yellow stripes
Granularity,mm Ф(4.0±0.5)×(5~20)
Bulk density,kg/L 0.95~1.20
Average particle radial crushing resistance,N/cm 50
Sulfur capacity,ω/%   ≥ 20(220℃)、32(350℃)
Temperature,℃ 10-100 220-400
Pressure,Mpa Atmospheric pressure~4.0