Liquid Ammonia


Feature A colorless crystal with a foul smell. Has a strong pungent odor, easily vaporized into ammonia. Ammonia is soluble in water and forms an alkaline solution of ammonium hydroxide. Application Field In the rubber industry, it is used as a vulcanization activator and supplement for natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex.Strengthening agent and coloring […]

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Appearance and traits colorless gas
Melting point(℃) -77.7
Explosive ceiling%(V/V) 27.4
pH 11.7(ammonia 0.09g/ml)
Saturated vapor pressure(Kpa) 857(20℃)
Relative density:(水=1) 0.82(-79℃)
Solubility Soluble in water, ethanol, ether
Critical temperature(℃) 132.5
Odor gas with irritating odor
Boiling point(℃) -33.5
Saturated vapor pressure (KPa) 506.62(4.7℃)
Lower explosion limit%(V/V) 15.7
Ignition temperature(℃) 651
Relative vapor density: (air=1) :0.6
Critical pressure(MPa) 11.4
Decomposition temperature(℃ 450